fitness pump in pakistan

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Fitness Pump in Pakistan

Fitness Pump in Pakistan Price: 7000/- PKR

Fitness Pump in Pakistan NOW Available ONLINE

The Fitness Pump in pakistan works the Chest Muscels, the Shoulders, the Back Muscels, the biceps and the triceps.

It likewise helps condition your abs, so you are working your way to an attractive six pack without considering it. It even tones your legs and buns through the guideline of static strain so you are working your whole body with one simple development.

Its quick and simple. The Fitness Pump was granted the Gold Medal in 2001 at the Paris Invention Fair in acknowledgment of the progressive patended switch rule that underpins your body weight enabling you to perform no less than 3 fold the number of reiterations as you would through typical push-up. The extended scope of movement empowers you to completely work the muscels of your abdominal area while securing and reinforcing you back.

The three handles enable you to work out various muscel bunches with various dimensions of power. Simply increment your reps on the outside handle and you get an extraordinary cardio exercise. The delicate cushioned help cussion is intended for solace for the two people everything being equal.

FitnessPump in pakistan incorporates an outlined guidance manual!

Experts all over the world consider push ups as the best exercise for upper body and our Fitness Pump is certainly the best push ups machine thanks to its unique and innovative design. This home fitness product is specially designed to strengthen and develop your chest, biceps, triceps, lats and for toning abs & legs so that you get your desired body with more ease and less pain without any risk of injury.

This home gym product makes the muscles work twice with the same force, reducing the body weight by 50% and allowing you to maintain a good posture for your back and helping you do more push ups than before. This Fitness Pump gym equipment has 3 different grips for a wide and complete range of exercises. The outer grip targets your chest and biceps making them strong and muscular, the upper grip helps tone your back and shoulders, the inner grip works on your triceps.

The best push ups machine there is, doing push ups won’t be painful anymore, this home fitness equipment will help you get your desired body three times faster with only one-third of the effort by exercising only for 10 minutes daily at any place and any time. This is one fitness tool that has helped many do more sets of push-ups easily, effectively and without any pain and this is the perfect solution to all your push-ups & upper body muscle building problems


Designed to replicate the classic push-up exercise but with reduced back strain.

Manufactured from high quality heavy duty steel for strength and durability.

High density foam padding for comfort during each workout session.

Sturdy and compact design for optimal use of space.

Unisex design and easy to assemble in minutes.

Designed to provide maximum results by stimulating 6 different muscle groups.

High quality finish for great looks, designed to last for years to come.

Provides a great workout for the upper chest, arms and shoulders, bicep and triceps, abdomen, legs and ankles as well as muscles of your back.

Tones using static tension so you workout your entire body with one easy movement.

Compact when not in use for easy storage.

Three different hand positions – upper, inside & outer grip.

Three levels of resistance.

Padded seat provides comfortable support.

Push Up Fitness Pump Price In Pakistan: 7000/-PKR